Thursday, 22 October 2015

Rapare 21 whiringa-a-nuku
WALT:write a fictional story about a picture of our choice.

in this picture i think that he's running out of the water because he sees the whale coming up under him.
he's afraid that he might get thrown away from it because he did something wrong to make him do it.

when he got out of the water he turned around to see what kind it was.
By the time he turned around the whale went back into the water and he said what was that?
he ran home to tell his wife to get the camera so he could take a picture of it.

so his wife got the camera and gave to him then he ran back to the water and then the whale came out of the water again and the guy took like 20 photos of the whale.
when he turned around he saw the 3 news people running down the bank and started making the person who took the photos walk backwards and made him walk into the water.
when he walked into the water the whale was coming up and it  hit the man and took him for a ride. the whale went down with the guy on his mouth but came back up with nothing and that's the end of my story for now see you guys in two years.
                  the end

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